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When I saw "backpackers" Gu Yue back luggage through the Americas happy, I aspire to his soul as free. In order to capture the real beauty of life, he dare to lay down high-paying jobs, and friends filled with dreams to the north. Beauty, is from the Arctic to Central America all the way to the south of things for star shift, but also in the journey through the ups and downs. They measure the breadth of the world with both feet, with a transparent mind to record the experience of travel, lead us to the essence of life.
Muir said: "I found that the world is approaching the heart." When we really catch the beauty with keen eyes, you will find in the taste of the world more than a child's surprise. This surprise, is Kawabata Yasuni accidentally found "four in the morning to see Begonia flower sleep" leisurely; Liu Haisu in the ordinary among the "see Yunjuanyunshu, listen to bloom," the indifferent. In short, we have to like Liu Liu eyes with the heart to look at the world, to capture that in close proximity has been overlooked extreme beauty. Only this, the world will open the door to us, open the warm embrace.
With the eyes to capture the beauty, taste the world with the soul!

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